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Worldwide Interactive Services, Inc. provides turnkey, hosted voice and internet information delivery solutions. With clients in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and government sectors, Worldwide enables organizations to enhance customer service and improve operation efficiency resulting in a stronger bottom line.

Access to information using Interactive Voice Response, (IVR) and Interactive Web Response (IWR) allows callers to perform a variety of functions including account inquiries, funds transfers, payment inquiries and requests, store and branch locations, and even identification authentication. IVR functions can be enhanced with the use of Speech Recognition to allow for more complex requests, such as address changes, flight and event lookup, and other contact opportunities normally requiring a live agent.

In addition to inbound IVR and IWR applications, Worldwide also provides outbound IVR applications. Outbound IVR applications allow organizations to initiate automated campaigns for claims status notifications, late payment reminders, account alerts and flight and appointment confirmations. Notifications such as late payment reminders can even allow callers to make a payment over the same call.

IVR applications that require representative intervention use bridging technology to route calls to a single agent or can integrate with an existing call center solution. IVR applications can be deployed for short term and long term campaigns, locally, nationally, or internationally. See a demonstration of how it works.

How it works

The process of sending your data to Worldwide couldn't be easier.

Case Studies

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